Baba’s Mission

Remember the Sloka of Shrimad Bhagbat Gita wherein Lord Krishna said to Arjuna-

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhabati Bharata,
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srujamyaham.

Which means that, whenever the evil / unrighteousness increases on the earth,  GOD descend to establish the principles of righteousness ( morality) and to protect the good from the onslaught of evil / unrighteous. This is the main activity of the GOD that HE punishes the EVIL.

But the SADGURUS or the PERFECT MASTERS or QUTABs have a different mission whenever they  descend on the  earth. They never administer  punishments to any being ;rather  Sadgurus  make them pure  by constantly giving them such experiences in life which enables them to  realize the existence of GOD and  prevent them from adopting the path of evil  deed. This is the main feature or you can also say , a distinctive advantage,  of Perfect Masters over the God.They act like the kalpa vriksha( wish fulfilling tree) which not only gives fruits but also shelter to all.

The mission of Sai Baba is  to  awaken man to his true self and inherent divine nature. He wanted to lead them to salvation by saving them from delusion and ignorance. He stands there eternally to help out and give solace to His children who are bruised with the miseries of this world through the passage of centuries. Thus His sacred mission is to awaken, transform and comfort His children. These are the visible acts of Baba. But  He also had a much bigger role to play in the administration of the Universe – in its creation, sustenance and destruction. He saw God in every living being. It was His duty to take the created to the creator – i.e. to evolve human beings to the state of God – which is their real self  (Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathyji).

It is amazing that though He is not present in His physical body, ever increasing number of people hear and experience the same blessed, intimate and powerful assurance- ‘Why fear when I am here!’

Hence we can call SHIRDI SAIBABA as karunavatar (all merciful compassion incarnate )because HE is here to bestow his grace and compassion on  us and make us internally pure .

We have to be kind to others to receive kindness of the Sadguru
-Guruji Shri Chandrabhanu Satapathy
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