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Excerpts from the book “ May I Answer ” authored by Shri Gurujee : Answers by Revered Gurujee to some of the frequently asked questions by the devotees

  1. What does this word ‘Sai’ mean?

    In various Indian languages it means a Protector, a Husband ,a Religious Teacher and a Father. Pray to Him Like a Father. His Love will manifest in many ways.

  2. Who is Shirdi Sai Baba?Is He Sadguru Or An Avatar?Please Explain.

    Before one could ask whether Shri Sai Baba is an Avatar or a Sadguru one must know the difference between the two .A Sadguru is one who dispels darkness called ignorance and lights the lamp of wisdom in us.A Sadguru is one who guides us and shows the direction to God. An Avatar is the one (none else but God Himself ) who descends to uplift mankind.He can come as a full Avataar that is with all 16 aspects shodas kalas or as a partial Avataar with a few kalas out of this 16.I firmly believe that Shri Shirdi Sai Baba is an Avataar of God.Lord Shiva has descended in order to uplift mankind and re-establish dharma.He always use to act as if He was just a fakir and servant of God but quite a few times in front of devotees who were really eligible to receive His grace He declared that He was Lord Himself.The qualities required to call Him an Avataar are 1)Omnipotence ; 2) Omnipresence ; 3)Omniscience. He had full control over all the five elements. We all know that He controlled the fire and rain as narrated in ” Shri Sai Satcharitra”, the life story of Shri Sainath.

  3. What is the relevance of Sai’s teachings in today’s world?

    The most important things that Sai Baba of Shirdi taught are:-

    • Love towards all animals,birds and insects: Baba used to feed dogs even before He partook food.He extended his love to even a useless rock used for washing clothes by sitting on it .Today that rock is seen in Dwarkamai and is worshipped by devotees who come there.People today should learn this and follow His Teachings.To a great extent devotees are following this.People are seen distributing clothes ,food,etc to the poor Narayana Seva is going on all over the world in various Sai centers.

    • Religious tolerance: Shirdi Sai Baba looked after the Hindus and Muslims equally.We can find people of all religions coming to Him even now.He always preached that all are one and be alike to everyone.In today’s world there is a lot of tolerance among people of various religions.People must believe that all are Humans.Faith may be different but the goal is one.Shri Sai devotees are found very tolerant in this aspect .We find Muslims,Hindus,Sikhs,Christians ,etc sharing their views and talking with each other like real brothers in Shirdi and also at various Sai centers all over the world.They firmly believe that flowers may be many but worship is one.Stars may be many but light is one.Similarly paths may be different but goal is one.

    • Caste Harmony: Shridi Sai never allowed people to have ill feelings towards the so called untouchables.He made Brahmins eat from leper’s plate or untouchable’s plates.When they felt loathsome to do the same He castigated them and preached them everything is Atma.If they hated them they are infact hating Him who is residing in them.People who believe in Baba should follow the same thing.Treat all mankind as brothers and live happily.Believe in brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. I am a Sai devotee of Shri Sai Baba.The reason of my approach to Sai faith is to fill my emptiness .May be too many expectations have not been met and I have lost interest in many things including personal and buisness.

  4. Is there a past life?Did Baba believe in it?

    Yes.If you read Shri SaiSatcharitra,you will find Baba speaking about the past lives of many people.He not only spoke about the past births of human beings but even of other species like frog,lizard etc.It is because of incomplete relationships of the past life that people come in contact with each other in the later lives.The payment made by human beings to settle Karmik debts of past lives creates happiness or unhappiness .Baba had even referred to a lady as his sister in one of His earlier lives.Unless we are prepared to believe that all our actions origin and end in one life and that there is nothing after death ,and also there was no future life then one question remains unanswered-why did the most impartial ,all merciful God gave birth to people in different conditions and with different capacities as a result of which some enjoyed more and some suffered more.If there is no other logic of such differentiation between human beings and other animals,then God cannot be seen as an impartial and all merciful entity.

  5. Could you please tell us where our soul goes after death?

    Soul is a subtle energy form.It remains in that form after death in the sphere of sbtle energy.It evolves slowly after experiencing the subtle world till one is reborn.

  6. Is it true that every soul has a mission in life?

    Yes.Nature has already prepared a blue print of our lives just as we ,within our limited intelligence ,prepare blue prints before constructing a house etc.Every man has a mission to fulfil and each life on earth exists as long as the mission continues.

  7. What is the actual aim of life?

    What are we doing on earth? The actual aim of life is to realize one’s own soul or Atma which is divine.Once one realizes this then he will not be born again.We are all experiencing worldly life,necessary to evolve us..

More Questions-Answers can be found in the book authored by Revered Gurujee, entitled “BABA-MAY I ANSWER”

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